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I'm Immortal (maybe)

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Lately, I been thinking about the universe. Not just the universe, but the multiverse which is a whole bunch of universes. If you don't know about the multiverse, I'm probably not the best person to ask. Just google it.

Anyway, I've been thinking about an implication of a Level III multiverse, also called the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possible outcome to every event exists in the multiverse. As a personal example, say I'm hiking in the mountains and arrive at a fork in the trail. If I continue walking, there are two possible outcomes to that event: either I take the right fork or I take the left one. In the Level III multiverse, I'll proceed up the right trail on Earth in one universe AND I'll take the left trail on another Earth in another universe. My life will proceed differently in those two worlds from that point on. The many worlds interpretation implies I co-exist in a number of parallel universes which are dissimilar according to the outcome of the events in my (our?) life.

Sounds a bit weird, doesn't it? Still, quantum mechanics theory has been around since Einstein's time and underlies the technology that has given us computers, cell-phones, and ipods. Some scientists claim the many-worlds interpretation clears up several loose ends in understanding the theory.

Here's the implication I've been thinking about. It follows that in the event of my death, there exists at least one universe where I don't die. Continuing this thread, there should exist at least one universe in the Level III multiverse where I never die. If I'm in that universe right now, I'm immortal.

Of course, it logically follows that there are several of those universes where I have never existed and never will.

I paraphrase a comment made by Linus in a 1977 Peanuts cartoon*, 'The secret of immortal life is to be on the right world.'

The religious implications: If God can create one universe, a multiverse shouldn't be much harder, just use a "cookie-cutter" approach. So, no problems there. However, there might be a problem with Easter on some worlds.

*First frame, Linus is saying to Charlie Brown, “I think I’ve learned the secret of life.”
Next frame, “I went to the doctor yesterday because I had a sore throat...the nurse put me in a small room."
Next frame, "I could hear a kid in another room screaming his head off..."
Next frame, "When the doctor came in to see me, I told him I was glad I wasn’t in that other room."
Next frame, "‘Yes,’ he said...‘That kid will have to have his tonsils out...you’re lucky...you have only a mild inflammation.’”
Last frame, Linus says, “The secret of life is to be in the right room.”
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On April 24th, 2007 12:12 pm (UTC), ex_jenwryn533 commented:
Oooo, wooo. Hm. Pauses to think. I'm not entirely sure what the nonsense I just wrote at the start of this message is supposed to mean, but I think the point behind it was to convey my complete fascination. I love this sort of stuff, though it tends to bend my insubstantial brains a little bit. It's very interesting to read what other people think on the matter! Thanks, *hugs* Jen.
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