7ony (7ony) wrote,

It must be in the genes!

President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's 30 month jail sentence yesterday. Depending on Libby's fate in the appeal process and further judical actions, we may have to wait until December 2008 to learn whether the man gets a full pardon. I expect it will happen. Too bad! After a few days in jail, Libby may have sung like a proverbial canary about who really outed the CIA operative Plume. Was Libby acting on his own? Doubtful. Who was the prime mover? Rove? Cheney? Bush?

I remember a similar situation in December 1992 when GWB's father pardoned Abrams, McFarlane, Clarridge, Fiers, and George, all either convicted, indicted, and/or pled guilty for involvment in the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal. He also pardoned former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger just before the man went to trial. The pardons effectively stifled further inquiry into the persons or person really responsible for the scandal.

I think it's nice to hear the canary sing once in a while.

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