7ony (7ony) wrote,

Dead Grass Over the Septic Tank

Summer has arrived. All the signs are in place. Evening skies with a pastel theme.
pastel evening pastel evening

Light-brown grass over the septic tank. Streaks of darker green above the lateral lines. Biting water-bugs in the pool. Empty nests on the porch. Okra on the lunch menu. And tomatoes, plenty of red, juicy home-grown tomatoes.

We've had no rain for two weeks, a welcome change since we're ten inches ahead for this year. The thin, six inch layer of soil above the septic tank lid can't provide the subsurface moisture needed for grass during our hot, dry summer months, so it goes dormant. The sewer lateral lines provide constant enriched moisture for grass and it becomes darker than the grass growing between the lines. The barn swallows nesting on the north porch raised two sets of young in each of the four nests and increased the world bird population by 32. The children with their parents and their cousins who live under a nearby highway bridge are doing serious damage to the local mosquito population. My garden is kaput, wiped out by the spring rains except for okra and a few yellow squash. Our tomatoes come from my mother-in-law who plants hers in a raised-bed which is immune from the ravages of too much spring moisture.

The dry weather means I'll fish fewer of these out of the swimming pool.
I don't know where they come from. With their short legs and fragile skin, I can't imagine them traveling great distances. They all seem to be the mature size; I've never seen a small one. We still fish frogs and toads from the pool each morning. That will probably wane as the summer progresses.

Now I can catch up on the yard work, mow less often, and spend more time on the computer and the Internet.

Hey. It's hot outside.

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