7ony (7ony) wrote,

Lazy Summer Days

I snapped a nice sunrise the other day.

The official outside temperature (4 pm) is 102 degrees F. That's cooler than it's been for several days at this time. We're scheduled to get some respite later this week. Because of the heat, I'm doing yard work in the early mornings and, since the dew keeps the grass wet until noon, mowing after sunset. I don't like mowing in the dark, but not because of the darkness. I have lights on my riding mower so I can see quite well, and it's a bit nostalgic because it reminds me of long ago wheat harvests where we routinely ran the combines until 10 or 11 pm. I don't like mowing after dark because of the local spider population. After dark, the zillion or so spiders living in trees, bushes and where-all zip out webs and web-lines of various configurations. While mowing, I pass through the webs; they stick better than something invented by 3M. Fortunately, most of the spiders are non-poisonous. That's my mantra as I mow.

Which reminds me. This spring, wet as it was, must have been a good one for poisonous black widow spiders. I've killed five, 1 outside the house, 1 outside the garage, and 3 inside the garage. This morning, I bug-bombed the garage. Hopefully, that will knock them back a bit. Black widows aren't the best housekeepers; their webs tend toward sloppy and messy and that makes them easy to spot. As far as distinctive looks, I rate the Widow quite attractive, although somewhat sinister.

Monday night was perfectly clear and 10 pm found us reclined in the pool enjoying the past-prime (peaked on the weekend) Perseid meteor shower. Last night, the moonset was spectacular. Occurring in the darkening west, less than an hour after a nice sunset, the ultra razor-thin crescent set amid hot pink, dark pink, and purple scattered clouds. Yup, we were in the pool again.

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