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With the temperature in the sixties, we're having our first taste of fall. After doing yardwork most of Thursday and Friday, I took a break and enjoyed the weather change. The taste of fall may be fleeting; warmer weather is predicted for next week. lo5an is here for the weekend. Last evening, we built a fire in the pit, dined on hot dogs, and talked until dark.

Thanks to the ice storms of last winter, we have plenty of wood to burn. The ice did quite a bit of damage to our redbud trees. I've been tempted to use some of the tree trimmings to smoke meat, but the boss says no. I argue: but redbuds bloom in the spring, like the fruit and nut trees favored by the smoking experts. And the female redbud trees produce seed pods which are a kind of fruit. Still no.

I have a new toy, a Nokia 770 tablet. I'd been looking at the various hand-helds, wanting a more portable ebook reader than my laptop, but the tablets seemed a bit small and/or pricey at $300 and up. When Nokia released their new model, the 800, the 770s went on sale and I snagged one from Tiger Direct for $150. The 770 runs a Debian-derived version of Linux, is a bit crude and slow, but once I added some memory, a better PDF reader (evince), and internet radio (streamtuner), I had a nice pocket ebook and internet reader. The rechargable battery lasts about as long as the one in my cell phone. The wifi range is as good as my laptop.

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