7ony (7ony) wrote,

Gettin' ready

The countdown for this year's mega-block (section?) party has started. Early yesterday morning, I built a fire under 35 pounds of Boston Butts. I kept a slow fire burning in the smoker for eleven hours. Last night we pulled the pork and put it in refrigerated Zip-Locks. Tomorrow we'll dump it in an electric roaster with a thin coating of Head Country BBQ sauce and heat it for another hour or two. My wife made 8 gallons of macaroni salad this afternoon plus several pie crusts. Tomorrow, Saturday, she'll make 8 pans of jalapeño corn bread plus two more plain and finish the pecan pies. Tomorrow, I'll smoke 32 split chicken breasts. They're soaking in salt water right now. In another hour, I'll rinse and put them in a buttermilk marinade. In the morning, they'll get a rub then five hours of pecan-wood smoke.

Next door they'll be smoking brisket, pork loin, baloney, and hot links, frying potatoes, cooking pinto beans, baked beans, and baking peach and berry cobblers. We buy the cole slaw from a restaurant in town. Hopefully, we'll have enough food; we did last year, barely.

Tomorrow evening, you'll be able to hear our arteries hardening.

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