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We survived.

I took more photos this year. You can find them here. The plastic-ware count indicates we had over 200 friends and family eating dinner with us.

Perfect weather, tasty food, great music, and good family and friends, one needs nothing more.

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On October 16th, 2007 03:34 pm (UTC), 7ony replied:
Zero is a little begger. That's her 'I'm adorable; I demand petting' pose. The Sheltie belongs next door, but the other two dogs stay at our house. All three dogs are adopted strays, dumped by uncaring persons. We live on a gravel road 500 feet down from a four-lane highway. We have a fenced two-acre yard that dogs seem to always find ways to escape and over the years, we've lost many to the highway traffic. The little white part-Australian shepard was just a puppy with a frost-bit ear when she showed up ten or so winters ago. I said if we keep her, we'll call her Zero because that's her chances of lasting a year. A quick learner, she minds our rules about leaving the yard and apparently has taught our other, younger dog to do the same. We mostly call her Zee.
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