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Interesting weather. We had a balmy wind from the Gulf of Mexico that warmed us from freezing temperatures to sixty-five degrees in two days. Starting slow, with mornings of freezing fog, the southerly breeze rose steadily to over 30 mph. Today, all that changed abruptly. Stronger winds, more than 50 mph, raged in from the northwest coming directly from the polar regions and giving rise to epitaphs about brass monkeys. It's cold again, but we now have a south wind...

The (k)new knee (k)news. Kathy's Stryker Triathlon® Knee Replacement System appears to be functioning properly. Kathy still spends six hours a day on the knee-flexing machine, still ices afterward, still does physical therapy, still has pain, and still must rely on a walker for mobility. The pain and the need for a walker will likely persist for another month or more; the rest should disappear sooner.

No longer home-bound, I took Kathy for Chinese last Sunday lunch. Tomorrow, she has lunch plans with three comrades. The group has met for lunch most Wednesdays for a long time, including the previous two when they showed up at the house with sack lunches. Who would expect less from a quartet of retired schoolteachers?
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On February 2nd, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC), sakuya_kusanagi commented:
That's some freaky weather, and some really neat pictures too.

I think it's neat also that her friends came to visit with sack lunches.
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