7ony (7ony) wrote,

I'm a bit confused

I watched Madonna sing a song the other night. She was the opening act of a telethon to raise money for tsunami relief. It was an all-star show, with celebrities manning the phones. I watched multi-millionaires accept donations from ordinary people. I've heard about other celebrates creating music videos and doing shows to support the tsunami relief effort. There are many such admirable efforts underway by individuals and groups throughout the world, and they are not all acts by the rich and famous. Everyone, everywhere, seems energized and is giving to the unfortunate victims. Every day seems to bring news of an additional effort.

The tsunami was a horrendous act of nature which will ultimately kill over two hundred thousand people and will devastate the lives of millions more. The sudden great wave of water created a chaos that will take years to recover. I commend those who are energized by the tragedy and are doing kind acts to lessen the suffering of the victims.

But I'm a bit confused.

I'm confused about how a violent unpreventable act of nature, a great destructive wave of chance, could energize so many people while a violent preventable act of man, the genocide and displacement of Africans in the Darfur region of Sudan, could be ignored. I admit fewer people have initially lost their lives in the diaspora that displaced nearly two million people, but their travails are not over, their suffering is not complete; more men, women, and children will die in the coming months, unless something is done. Their deaths will not be tsunami-quick; rather, they will be the result of rape, torture, starvation, and neglect.



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