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Not much solar heat today. Outside, it is a wet 45 degrees with dim sunlight and half-mile visibility. Our sunroom air peaked at 60 degrees, not high enough to vent into the house. It may freeze tonight which will make the roads hazardous in the early morning. This time, however, there will be no ice to collect on the trees. After that last bad ice storm and accompanying power outages, folks around here are a bit 'gunshy.'

Kathy's leg is healing nicely. Now we drive in to the city three times a week to do outpatient physical therapy. The therapy is more intensive and painful than the home-health variety that Kathy did during the past month so she tends to get grumpy at times. Kathy was clever enough to arrange for late-morning therapy sessions so we eat can lunch in restaurants and have the afternoons free for movie-going.

I'm thinking about doing a hardware project, a digital temperature monitor for my smoker, one that has four or five sensors. I already have a 'storebought' monitor that senses a single temperature; those are easily available, but ones with multiple sensors are not. My smoker is an upright model where the smoke enters at the bottom and proceeds through the meat racks to exit at the top. It appears, at least on some days, that there is enough temperature gradient between the bottom and top rack to effect the cooking times. Also, I sometimes smoke a variety of meats which can take a variety of cooking times to finish. Right now, I best-guess the time and open the door to get a temperature reading. I lose heat every time I open the door. So, what I really need is a temperature probe for each of the four racks. I plan to check the Internet for a place to buy ready-made probes, and I hope lo5an can recommend a processor for me to use. I'll need a two-and-a-half digit display.

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