September 16th, 2005


Walmart to the Rescue

Tonight I watched NOW, the weekly 'news magazine' show on PBS. One large segment was a Town Hall Meeting

convened by NOW in Baton Rouge and attended by a spectrum of people from the devastated region. One of the speakers said something I found interesting. He started by saying that they saw their first Red Cross person seven days after the hurricane and someone from FEMA showed up on the eighth day, but they were able to get food and water almost immediately from a local Walmart whose re-supply trucks somehow managed to get through.

Phil Capitano Mayor of Kenner, Louisiana:

They [the government: federal, state] had no logistics. They had no game plan. They had no concept. I will tell you that to this day I'm still waiting for help from [sic] my citizens...Now, how did Wal-Mart manage to get truckloads of water, truckloads of food to my community when others were still trying to decide where they were going, what they were gonna do and how they were gonna do it?
He suggested the government agencies should go to Walmart to learn how to accomplish these seemingly difficult tasks.