August 14th, 2006



For some time now, I've tried to identify the brand of politics practiced by George W. Bush. I've known from the git-go he's definitely not the conservative he claims be. A conservative would not preside over a runaway national deficit, push to change the constitution, increase the size of the government, weaken our defense capability by exporting great numbers of the national guard, ignore important environmental problems, or encourage the denial of basic rights to citizens simply because of sexual orientation. GWB is doing all those things and many more things a self-respecting conservative would not do.

From his actions over the last five years, I've finally decided that GWB and many of his Republican colleagues are best described by the political term Big Business Progressives. It seems that every move they make benefits one big business or another. The energy policy was created by leaders of Big Oil including Kenneth Lay of Enron. It included doing away with mandated gasoline economy requirements for vehicles, reductions of Air Quality standards for power companies, and a return of nuclear power. We have a mail order drug program for seniors that was created by the Big Pharmaceuticals, the same group that were given patent extensions for drugs they developed with federal funds. GWB deployed a defense shield of anti-missiles that's proved in all tests not to work. I don't even want to talk about the rest of the financial support provided to the 'Military-Industrial Complex' companies.

Among GWB's colleagues are those who like to call themselves christian conservatives or as one told me: RWRNs, Right-Wing Religious Nuts. I don't consider them conservatives. In my opinion they are more accurately described as Fundamental-Christian Progressives. I would also call them promiscuous, because they don't care who they lie with as long as their fundamental-christian agenda advances.