October 2nd, 2006



Saturday night, we (Kathy, her siblings, and in-laws like me) had our third annual 'block' party where we provide dinner and entertainment for friends, neighbors, and relatives. It was bigger this year; well over 250 people attended. The weather was great, a little hot, but tolerable. Ed Green, another Kelley family in-law, smoked about 150 pounds of beef brisket, pork loin, ribs, and hot links. I smoked about 50 pounds: 27 of pork to pull and 22 pounds of split chicken breasts. Kathy made five pans of of regular cornbread, five pans of Jalapeno cornbread, three gallons of macaroni salad, an apple cobbler, two pecan pies, and a chocolate sheet cake, Next door, they fried about 75 pounds of potatoes, did a bunch of baked beans, regular beans and miscellaneous fruit cobblers, peach, apricot, and berry. The cole slaw came from the fried chicken place in town. A number of attendees brought salads and deserts. The band was good and loud. They played a mix of old rock and roll and country. For your enjoyment, here is the URL of the photos I took: