June 16th, 2007


I was wrong

I was wrong when I indicated a cold would last a month no matter what one does. I'm starting week seven and my cold is still lively. I probably didn't help myself last week when I happened to pick a particulary blustery day to mow my yard, a four hour process. The dust, clippings, and pollen I sucked in must have revitalized the cold germs because they are back in full force. It's also possible I wasn't wrong and I suffer from an entirely new cold that will last anothe two week no matter what I do.

I haven't spend all my time sitting around and whining. I was able to finish another story, about 7000 words. Now to get a final edit done.

Still no word on the last story I sent off. It's been over 90 days. I have this theory about magazine submissions. I think the acceptance process involves a gauntlet of junior and senor editors who discard at will. The surviving stories go to a final round-table where the senior-most editors choose n of m stories for the next edition. The remainder are discarded; none are saved. If you get a story rejected in the first month, either it was: not formatted properly, not appropriate for the magazine, or really bad. The longer the story remains in the process; the better the story. That's my theory.