December 15th, 2007


The Golden Compass

We saw The Golden Compass today. It's a nicely done movie, lots of action, good dialog, strong characters, and we enjoyed it immensely. Visually, I found the movie too dark at times, which was a bit distracting. To be fair, many of its scenes did happen in the far north and at night. Based on the first book of the trilogy His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, the movie will likely be the first of three. I haven't read any of Pullman's books, probably never will, but it appears he has pulled the chains of many local religious leaders. On tv and from the pulpit they've railed loudly against the movie this past week. After viewing the movie, I have to wonder what the problem was; I saw nothing that was anti-religious or overly violent. I recommend The Golden Compass as a fun way for persons of all ages to expend a few hours.