April 12th, 2008



I've found a new way to appease my compulsive muse. It's the lj community toot_toots. You can post whatever you want as long as you constrain the letter beginning each line to the letters in toot or toots. Usually, the posts are four or five liners, but I was an over-achiever yesterday.

[With an apology to the Brothers Grimm]
The little girl in crimson hood,
O'r to the house in the dark wood.
Oatmeal raisin with bright orange zest,
Those cookies grandma likes the best.

Tragic events visit the house,
Ole canus lupus in grandma's blouse,
Ops for the trite: "can't hear you m'dear"
To entice the little child near.

Teeth, tongue, and jaws in evident,
Osculation was not the intent.
Out the wolf jumped, a leap, a bound,
To grab, to eat, with nary a sound

To encounter a Kung Fu punch,
Out for the count, minus the lunch,
Only a lesson for the id.
They don't mess with grannie's grandkid.

You should try toot_toots. I have to warn you; it's slightly addictive.