July 4th, 2008


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We started the 4th early this morning. The yard is nicely mowed and trimmed. We'll have family over for dinner later today.

Kathy's in the kitchen peeling the peaches we picked up at the nearby orchard. She's already made a yellow cake and shucked the 20 ears of locally grown corn we acquired yesterday from Arnolds Produce in Muskogee. We also bought vine-ripe Oklahoma-grown tomatos to slice for the hamburgers we'll cook later. I've cleaned the pool and sunroom and hosed-down the back porch. I've opened the windows and vents to include the sunroom in the living area of our house. While I wasn't looking, Kathy turned the thermostat down two degrees.

For desert, she is making her version of a peach trifle: yellow cake, fresh peaches, vanilla pudding, sweetner, and Cool Whip. There's also a bit of lime juice to keep the peaches looking fresh. She'll put it in a clear glass antique, funnel-shaped bowl. Her mother is bringing over a still-warm fresh-peach cobbler.

So the plan is to have grilled hamburgers, baked beans, corn, taco salad, chips, and desert around 5pm.

Ya'll come.