September 4th, 2008



This morning, I was re-reading an article on wind power generation that appeared a while back in the Tulsa World. The title, Wind Powers Land Rush should give you an idea of the contents. Wind power is going to give a decent economic boost to western Oklahoma and farther west. This spring I attended a Memorial Day weekend gathering of my western Oklahoma cousins. Most of them are ranchers and farmers with a fair amount of wind-blown land. The biggest topic at the gathering was the money being paid to host a wind-powered generator.

Later on today, I happened to tune in Rush Limbaugh on the am radio band. I listened as long as I could stand it. I barely made it past the first commercial.

It occurred to me that energy-wise we're missing a real bet by not tapping the output of radio and television political commentators. I'll bet Ole Rush could power at least 6 windmills by himself.