October 5th, 2008


We survived (Just barely)

The Jamboree was great fun. The official number of people, made by counting plates and plastic-ware packets used, was 280. We had fun, except Kathy took a header. Busy walking and talking, she turned and tripped, skinning her nose, new knee, and bruising several places. She seems to be surviving okay, but we had concern for a while. It gave her a good excuse to rest rather than help serve. Some of the attendees brought desserts so we had plenty of sweets and live music to end the dinner. Two of my brothers and a sister traveled here for the dinner; we had a nice mini-reunion. They brought grandchildren.

Kathy cooked and I smoked until 12:30 Friday night. We ended the night by rinsing, oiling, and rubbing 30 chicken breasts before storing them in the refrigerator. Earlier, we'd cleaned the breasts and placed them in spiced buttermilk brine to marinate for two hours. I was up at 5 am Saturday morning; I'd waked at the sound of rain and got up to shut the windows in the sun room. Since I'd planned to get up at 5:30, I just stayed up. I had to be awake to take the pork butts out of the oven. I'd cheated on smoking the pork by taking it out of the smoker after 6 hours and putting it in a 200 degrees F kitchen oven for the night. Saturday morning was spent multiplexing the kitchen with Kathy. I pulled pork (with the help of Sharon, my sister-in-law) and she made pies. The chicken breasts were in the smoker by 11 am. They were ready at 4 pm. I took them out of the smoker and put them in a foil-covered pan to rest until dinnertime. The pulled pork was served out of an oval electric roasting pan. Oh, the rain. It was over by 7 am, enough to settle the dust. The rest of the day was clear, sunny, and cool.

Maybe we should do it again next year.