November 5th, 2008


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So now we can see how sincere the two presidential candidates are in their support of the line-item veto. Both said they believed in and supported that issue. Before January 20 (before Obama is no longer a Senator), I'd like to see McCain and Obama co-sponsor a simple line-item veto bill and punch it through Congress. I'll bet GWB will sign it.

Both men are in a good position to effect the changes they promised in their campaigns. The line-item veto would go a long way toward ridding us of pork-barrel projects and entitlements we can no longer afford. It would be a good start on their promises for both men.

I've emailed a suggestion to my Congressmen to challenge them to do this. Why don't you do that too...

weather and food

Tonight we have tornadoes and hail in the central part of the state with the storms blowing toward us. Hopefully, they will miss. That's quite a change from the past several days. After a couple of nights of freezing weather, it warmed to give us three days of clear, fantastic summer weather. The first two evenings were exceptional: faultless cerulean skies, a slivered new moon with bright Jupiter nearby, and Venus quickly setting in the western sky.

Mornings, I write, afternoons, I work on porch rails for the back porch. These are needed to safely enclose the pool area and selectively exclude, or include, dogs.
img_5071 img_5070

This is Kathy's birthday week and, for one of her presents, I'm cooking. Only the noon meal and for only a week. Breakfasts are either toast or oatmeal and dinner is a snack. These we fix ourselves.

Here is my menu:
Monday -- errands to run, eat in a local restaurant
Tuesday -- smoked pork sandwich, fried potatoes.
Wednesday -- tacos - lettuce, tomatoes, pork, and squash nachos
Thursday -- she eats out with friends, I eat leftovers
Friday -- chicken stir fry and brown rice
Saturday -- hamburgers, fresh tomatoes, tatertots, green salad (may be a dinner meal, guests)
Sunday -- open-faced hot beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans (guests)

Kathy has only complained a little bit so far. A picture of today's meal, tacos (in my case a taco salad) and squash nachos.
img_5073 img_5074

The tomatoes are fresh, homegrown, and salvaged from our garden just before the freeze. Squash nachos are our own invention: thinly sliced yellow squash covered with Pace picante sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese, and slipped into the broiler for awhile.