January 25th, 2009


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I like having a president that is a member of the same minority as me. Of course, I had good odds this last election. Both Obama and McCain were left-handed. That's unusual considering only about 10 percent of the people in the world are left-handed. Actually, it's not unusual considering four out of the last five presidents were left-handed. Yep, you guessed it. GWB was a rightie.

At a recent televised document signing, I noticed that President Obama 'hooks' his hand around his writing. Some say lefties do that to prevent smearing what they've written, others say they do that because they were taught to write by righties, but I've also heard it effectively argued that 'hook writers' are conflicted about handedness. I don't know. I don't hook my hand and I do have a problem with smearing.

Reagan, Ford, and Truman were lefties that were forced to change handedness early in life.

I belong to an interesting minority, don't I? Learn more about left-handedness.