March 4th, 2010


Tractor maintenance and kites

We had a rare, for this winter, day of sun. Today was actually the second day in a row. Maybe the worst of winter is over.

I took advantage of the nice day by beginning the resurrection of my tractor. I have this old John Deere tractor that I bought new about twenty-five years ago. I leave the tractor outside in the elements where it slowly rusts away. The faded-green machine dies each winter and gets brought back to life in the spring.

Today, I changed the hydraulic fluid and engine oil. Tomorrow, I'll hook up a battery charger. The fluids will go to a neighbor who recycles them in his shop heater. The task cost me a bruised knuckle or two and a dinged forehead. My poor head always seems to get in the way.

There was some wind, and this is March, so after dealing with the tractor, I decided to get a kite into the air. There wasn't quite enough wind for my favorite box kite. Several tries later, I switched to a small delta-wing. After adding a couple of long black streamers to the tail, the delta-wing stayed up for a nice flight.