April 19th, 2010


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About 7:30 this morning, a shock-wave rocked our house. It was over too quickly to be an earthquake or a supersonic airplane; it must have been an explosion. Checking, I decided it wasn't our house. I looked outside, wondering whether there had been a wreck on the nearby highway. Nothing there. A phone call told us our neighbors next door had heard and felt the jolt too, but it wasn't them. Nothing on the tv news or Internet. Spooky.

It wasn't a good day for an explosion. Today is the 15th anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing in OKC. It's been a local news topic for a week.

I hear a lot about Muslim terrorists these days. But I tell folks that as an Oklahoman, I've been more directly affected by Christian terrorists, with the Murrah bombing, abortion clinic bombings, church burnings, and more recently, with strident and stressful funeral disruptions by an anti-everything church group from Kansas.

Edit: 2:15 pm: My brother and I have decided the 'explosion' was probably an airplane. Perhaps an Air National Guard fighter jet from Tulsa hitting hi-gear on a training flight.

Another edit: 20apr2010, 3:53 pm. My brother left a message while we were out. He now thinks the sound Kathy and I felt/heard was a sonic boom caused by the Space Shuttle or one of its support airplanes. Apparently, the shuttle flew over this area on its way to a Florida touchdown. Sounds reasonable to me.

And . . . another edit 4:17. I just learned that my brother is wrong, had the wrong day. The blast was caused by a highway crew about three miles from our house. They used dynamite to destroy an old river bridge.