May 16th, 2010


Netfilx has me pegged

Last night, I watched two 'instant' movies recommended for me by Netflix. The movies couldn't have been more dissimilar, but I thoroughly enjoyed both and I consider both outstanding films.

The first, "Himalaya", a Nepalese film. was a visual treat depicting the generational clash between the old way of leadership and the new in a traditional Tibetan community.

The second, "The Secret Life of Words", a Spanish film, and according to Netflix, the movie is: understated, quirky, and emotional. Definitely true, with some rough descriptive dialog, the interplay of two characters as they deal with serious personal tragedies. It ends in a good place.

It's interesting to note that the backdrop for the second movie is a nearly-deserted offshore drilling platform. The movie gives you a perspective of life in an environment similar to the semi-submersible lost in the BP Gulf blowout. The perspective is minus the mind-numbing constant noise and vibration of the drilling rig, of course.

Arrogance and Negligence

Did you watch "60 minutes" this evening? If not, you should watch it here: . A survivor, Mike Williams, faults both BP and Transocean for Gulf blowout and resulting oil leakage problem. It appears the blowout preventer was known to be broke and when the well was plugged they took unnecessary risks to save time and money later. If what Mr. Williams says is true, and the fellow seems to be reliable, I'd be in favor of banning that pair of companies from ever drilling in America's coastal waters. Ever.