December 21st, 2010



We had an unexpected guest at our dinner party on Saturday. The Christmas Grinch arrived early and stopped up our sewer line. Several attempts to undo the plug before the guests arrived failed. We had an alternative bathroom that worked fine, so we went ahead with the dinner.

Dinner was almost finished when I suddenly developed a severe headache and a sore-throat. The rest of the night was rough. I apparently had some fever while I slept, enough for my skull to feel inflamed the next morning.

I spent most of Sunday reclining and staring mindlessly straight ahead. I did revive enough to go out in the afternoon to unplug the sewer line. While I was doing that, Kathy came out and promptly fell--likely tripped by Mr. Grinch.

Monday was a repeat of Sunday, except more fever, treated with Tylenol and cool showers. Kathy was limping and sore from her fall.

Today, I feel a little better. I may make it after all.


The mention of welfare evokes an image in ones mind. The exact image depends on ones political persuasion, ones news source, and ones vision of humanity. In my opinion, the cost to our government for that welfare, no matter what your image, is small potatoes compared to the welfare dollars being handed out, with no hope of return, to businesses: healthcare, farms, and energy, just to name a few categories; there are a lot more. Apparently, all it takes to get on those welfare rolls are a few well-placed lobbyists and more than a few dollars donated to various campaign funds. Although not as expensive as some, the worst of the worst is likely the corn ethanol industry. Recently, NPR had a commentary about it.