February 4th, 2011


Snow . . . again

Day three. Snow started falling mid-morning and continued throughout the afternoon. Today's prediction was four inches of snow. The outside warmed up to 23 degrees F today. Nights have been sub-zero. We're setting some weather records. The dogs are in the sunroom except for supervised bathroom breaks. Supervised because they won't leave the sunroom otherwise. We're having fun.

The air handler in the West Wing blew a fuse the first day, so we shut it down, drained the water lines, and moved to our bedroom upstairs. The West Wing is what we call the one-story downstairs master bedroom+ addition that we built ten years ago. I prefer sleeping upstairs, so the move wasn't a hardship for me. Fortunately, we have a separate heatpump for the older part of the house. Shutting down the addition is actually saving us money; that's roughly 700 square feet we're not heating now.

Kathy's brother delivered replacement fuses and some groceries. His four-powered-wheels SUV failed to keep him from getting stuck while leaving. He's waiting now on another of Kathy's brothers to bring a tractor which will pull him out.

The stuck is now unstuck. The roads are treacherous; folks around here aren't equipped or experienced for cold weather, ice, and snow. Some photos. More at my flickr photostream.
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