February 20th, 2011



Friday, Kathy and I took advantage of the excellent weather to drive to the COE park below the Fort Gibson Lake dam for a picnic. We usually go there in January each year to see bald eagles, but missed this year because of the snow storms. In the park, we watched sea gull and pelican air and water acrobatics while we ate our sandwiches. Then we went for a nice walk. Afterward, we drove down the river canyon to the town of Ft. Gibson, stopping every so often to bird watch. A very nice drive, we saw only a few cardinals, a gathering of vultures, and no bald eagles. Mainstreet Fort Gibson yielded two antique stores. One was exceptional, having the old stuff organized into categories: all the clear glassware in one area, blue glass in another, salt shakers, teddy bears, and so on. I really liked the place. It gave me a pleasant feeling, much like the feeling I get when I'm in a grove of trees all equally-spaced from one another. Kathy calls it being anal. Still, it pleases me.