July 10th, 2013


Trumpet Creeper Vine-Tree

Maybe I should do more research before I plant. For example, we have a nice Weeping Willow which I recently learned has an extremely invasive root system. I'll have to monitor it to keep our septic system clear of roots and safe. The tree is beautiful, over thirty feet tall, bug and disease free, an asset to our yard. I don't want to destroy it.

Several years ago I rescued three Trumpet Creeper Vines from the county road grader. The vines have dark green leaves and large red-orange trumpet-shaped flowers that are a favorite refueling station for hummingbirds. The vines grow in abundance around here filling the county road bar ditches with color. Like sunflowers, they seem to enjoy dry, hot summers.

Given a post to climb, the Trumpet Creeper Vine assumes a tree shape. For years, while visiting relatives, we have admired one of these vine-trees in a Woodward, OK neighborhood. I decided we should have one for our front yard.
2013-06-23 004

Today, I looked up the vine on the Internet and find that an alternate name is ". . . 'cow's itch', which it earned from its origins in the nightshade family, and the itchy rash its blossoms can sometimes cause in bovines and humans who come in contact with a toxic residue produced by Trumpet Vine leaves. . ."

Oh well.

***BTW: If you ever come for a visit, please stay away from the pretty vine-tree in the front yard.