November 22nd, 2016


I'm lonesome

I'm feeling a bit lonely, today.

I've considered myself a Conservative since before Goldwater ran for president. I believe in personal and national fiscal responsibility, simple God-given freedoms for every citizen, never fighting a war you can't expect to win, and nurturing and protecting the health and welfare of future American generations at all cost, which includes leaving them a country not depleted of its natural beauty and resources, clean air and clean water.

Conservatives today don't seem to believe in any of that.

In fact, because I'm willing to accept the consensus of 99% of the world's (not just the US) climate and weather scientists that serious Global Warming exists simply because we burn too much fossil fuel. Because I don't believe that the popular news media are all bleeding liberals and socialistic liars. Because I do believe that Fox News, Breitbart, The National Inquirer, and all the Republican talking heads on radio and television don't always tell the truth and on occasion might stretch the truth a bit. Because I'm leery of the temperament, personality, and implied beliefs of their chosen leader, and because I want that leader to realize that the majority of the American voters did not vote for him, still he should strive to represent us all.

Because of all that, I'm considered by many a stupid Nazi-loving, communistic, socialistic, simpleminded liberal Democrat asshole who deserves their anger and venomous spew.

Of course, it is possible that Conservatives today aren't really really Conservatives. They just like using that buzzword, and they spew because they have nothing better to offer.