7ony (7ony) wrote,

Another nice sunset

Kathy and I saw the movie Juno. Well done, with great dialog, we both liked it. I'm buying the soundtrack.

Next week Kathy starts the fourth week of out-patient physical therapy. She's progressing and starting the switch from the walker to a cane. The other night we watched the 90th episode of McLeod's Daughters. In one view, that's 45*90=4,050 minutes of totally wasted time. In another, it was a great help getting us through Kathy's recovery. It's definitely better than watching TV commercials. We're half-way through the series now.

Another nice sunset.

The idea of photographing the food one prepares came from frumiousb.
Baked Potato Hash

Chicken in a Pot II

Chicken in a Pot I

Kathy tells me I want to stop using her antique cake plates in my pictures.

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