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Early Spring Flowers

The pek-pek of a downy woodpecker greeted me this morning as I opened our front door. I located the bird easily. Perched near the top of our electric utility pole, the little guy had nest cavity carving on its mind. In the past, I'd left a few dead pine trees for this purpose. The dead trees attracted termites so they are gone now. I doubt the woodpecker will accomplish more than a headache at the electric pole.

In another part of the yard, in a weeping willow tree amidst a spray of bright new yellow-green leaves, another nest is complete, such as it is. Mourning doves aren't the greatest builders. A few twigs here, a bit of grass there, and voila! She sits there now, patiently waiting the hatching and babies to regurgitate into.

We have field mice in the yard. That's not too surprising considering we live next to a cow pasture. This year, I learned about the mice the hard way. A few weeks ago I decided to do spring maintenance on my riding lawnmower. I drove it behind the garage where there is an incline that allows the oil to completely drain from the engine. After the oil was drained, I realized I didn't have enough fresh oil for the refill. A week or more went by before the weather was right and I had time to finish the oil change. Afterward, the mower refused to start. Checking, I found that the mice had gobbled parts of at least five electric wires. I write 'at least five' because that's all I found and all I had to repair in order to start the mower. I have yet to cut grass.

Kathy still does physical therapy three days a week. We enjoy the trips and the excuses to eat lunch in city restaurants, but trips take a huge chunk out of the week. She has progressed from walker to cane to nothing and is walking better than she has for years. There is one remaining problem; the new knee effects her posture and now her back is complaining about the change.
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On March 26th, 2008 06:23 pm (UTC), sakuya_kusanagi commented:
Spring flowres!
Nice pictures of spring. The pecan trees here are always some of the last threes to bloom, but it's always worth the wait they're my favorite. I'm glad that your wife is recovering nicely too. ^_^
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On April 10th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC), purpletabby commented:
Beautiful pictures! I particularly like the dove peeking from her nest. :)
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