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Smokin' and drinkin'

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Our WWVB radio-controlled wall clock from China reads 12 noon standard time, not the 1 pm of United States' newly-adopted daylight savings. The foreign clock will catch up in a few weeks along with the arrival of the old save-time start date. I would use sun time instead, but I have yet to see the sun today. Pork ribs are in the smoker, cooking while I type on my laptop and sip a few bock beers imported from Shiner, Texas. There is no need for me to save time or to fret about the sun.

We waked this morning to a heavy fog, the kind that slides down the roof and drips out the gutters. The fog, a product of a high humidity and a cooling temperature inversion, worked on sounds too, isolating us from the busy highway and muting the usual noise clutter. This quieting disconnect lasted until mid-morning, then an eastern wind thinned the fog and caused us to rejoin Earth.

Join with others around the planet, observe Earth Hour tonight and encourage your friends to do the same. If you can't tonight; do it tomorrow night.
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On April 10th, 2008 04:50 pm (UTC), purpletabby commented:
I actually like that sort of fog sometimes, it's interesting how after walking through it, you're all soggy. It's beautiful though, the trees all ghosty, and muted colors.
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