7ony (7ony) wrote,

A Good Day

A good day. Started with cold cereal and soymilk. Something new. Since I’m allergic to cow milk, I hadn’t eaten dry cereal in twenty or thirty years except infrequently as a crunchy additive to hot oatmeal. A couple of months ago, I decided to try it with soymilk. I’m fond of the kind with vanilla flavor; it tastes a little like melted ice cream. I’m not admitting I really like cold cereal. I still prefer hot food for breakfast, but it’s something different.

Another breakfast change that’s happened over the last few months is I’ve stopped drinking my usual two or three cups of coffee. You see, I have high blood pressure and I take a couple of pills to lower it. Various studies indicate the caffeine in coffee contributes to high blood pressure. It didn’t make sense to take a pill to counteract a drug I ingest with my coffee habit, so I quit. Now I only drink coffee when I go to a restaurant for breakfast which isn’t often. What? Yah, I know that tea contains caffeine, but I’m not that radical. By the way, quitting the coffee habit made no difference in my blood pressure.

After breakfast, I worked on the doorway between our kitchen and utility room. The utility room is in the process of morphing into a large pantry, and the doorway is in the wrong place. I’m moving it over a couple of inches. Today I cut, sanded, and stained the new doorframe and trim wood. Actually, it’s not exactly a doorframe because we don’t plan to install a door.

All our downstairs woodwork is red oak. I really enjoy working with oak. Although it’s harder than the pine we have upstairs, it’s easier to work and to stain. We use Watco Danish Oil stain, light walnut in color. The woodwork has nice warm look I like, and it has held up rather well over the years. The staining process takes a while: first you flood the wood several times, it soaks in, and then you start wiping the excess away. This wiping continues for several days at increasing intervals, fifteen minutes at first, then thirty, and so on until you decide to quit.

While I was waiting out the intervals, I worked on another project. I’m digitizing the music we have on old cassette tapes. Okay, I suppose I could get with the times and download newer improved versions of the same music. But then, all those tapes I bought over the years would go to waste. After the tapes, I have some old records to do too: LPs and 45s. I use a program named Audio Surgeon.

Dinner tonight was a piece of fresh peach pie and some vanilla ice cream. Kathy baked the pie this morning using peaches her friend Judy brought back from Illinois. Judy visits southern Illinios every summer and always brings back peaches from the Eckert Orchard in Belleville, IL. They were nice large tasty preaches every bit as good as the Oklahoma ones we get from Livesay’s Orchard in Porter down the road about five miles. The pie was excellent. Kathy has this crust thing worked out.

It was a good day.

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