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Suzanne, continued

Sorry for the interrupted post. I had a 5-year-old tugging on my arm wanting me to go swimming with him...Now you know where my priorities lie.

Most of the time I spent living at the trailer park across the river from Montreal was leisure and party. I did a lot of beer-drinking, dancing, and bar-hopping on both sides of the St. Lawrence River. I remember Montreal had a great above and below-ground transit system, underground shopping malls and lots of above-ground bars and nightclubs covering nearly every inclination and sexuality. In the old part, I don't think they had alleys. I remember being impressed with the overhead web of electrical wires between the street poles and the residences.

I don't remember the exact location of the trailer park. I can't find it today with Google Maps, so it likely no longer exists. All the city names in the area: Longueuil, Brossard, Candiac, and La Prairie sound familiar, all are bigger today. I remember the name La Bocage, but that could just as easily be the name of a nearby nightspot or the trailer park instead of a town. I think the town might be La Prairie.

The times I remember most were lazy sunny afternoons relaxing in a lawn chair near the water's edge watching and listening to the sights and sounds of the river and harbor. There were no "tea and oranges that come all the way from China" on our side of the river. More often, it was cold beer and hot dogs.

The hot dogs were different than the ones in the states. The buns were baked close together in a pan so they only had crust on the top and the bottom. The sides were soft and white. These sides were lathered with butter and placed, with the dog, relish, and mustard inside, in an electric grill with heat at the top and bottom, not unlike a George Foreman grill, except no teflon, of course. The toasted result was a cross between a grilled cheese, sans the cheese, and a hot dog.

On the west side, the trailer park ended in a large vacant grassfield where we parked our trucks. Across the field and near the water, were several large boats under construction by amateur boatmakers. A couple of the boats were far enough along that the owners lived in them. In one was a family with two small children. What made this activity interesting to me was the material they were using to construct the boats, reinforced concrete, or as they termed it ferro-cement. Want to build one? Here's how. Or this.

While I was googling ferro-cement I ran into this. lo5an, you might find it interesting.

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