7ony (7ony) wrote,

A great weekend

With the help of hecksangie, lo5an, miguelpantspi, family and friends, I celebrated my birthday. It was one of those special double-identical-digits ones that only happen every eleven years. I enjoyed the celebration, particularly that part of having family close to help me.

I actually started celebrating several weeks ago when hecksangie and I took a trip down to Wild Horse Mountain Barb-B-Q. We went early because the restaurant closes over the holiday weekend. I took no pictures this trip, but here are some from the spring of last year.
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Wild Horse Mountain is my all time favorite place to eat. I've been eating bbq sandwiches there for nearly forty years, starting when it was run by Hulbert Hulman, the father of the present owners. It's changed some over the years. Originally, it was takeout only with a covered patio and various birds: bantams, fighting cocks, peacocks, etc. wandering around. On the patio was the only outdoor coin-operated beercan dispenser I've ever seen.

On the day of my birthday hecksangie, lo5an, miguelpantspi, and I had lunch at Wilson's Bar-B-Que, another good Oklahoma restaurant that believes in using wood smoke.

A great weekend.
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