7ony (7ony) wrote,

Fruitful Day ...

By 8 am this morning, hecksangie and I were at a local berry farm picking blackberries. We left by 10am with about 12 quarts of ripe fruit. hecksangie's mother wanted the berries to freeze for pie and cobbler raw materials. We took to our home enough blackberries to make a couple of pies, one for us and one for a friend. Then we left for the local peach orchard where we bought a half-peck of over-ripe peaches for Nana to freeze and a half-bushel of peaches for our own use. Actually not exactly our own use, because we'll end up giving half away to friends and relatives. I do expect to see, and to taste, a peach cobbler out of the half-bushel. The orchard retail barn was busy. This weekend, the nearby town is having a celebration, not surprisingly called the Peach Festival. A number of citizens were at the barn 'jumping the gun.' Now that's something we Oklahomans know how to do. There were no vine-ripe tomatoes at the peach barn. Acquiring some was one of our goals for the day, so we drove on to Arnolds in Muskogee where we stocked up on fresh tomatoes and I found a nice ripe cantaloupe.

Since it was past noon, we decided to try another one of the highly-rated barbecue restaurants listed is the next-to-last issue of Oklahoma Today: Mahlons BBQ on Chandler Road. The meat and sauce was tender and tasty, but not smoky enough for me. I suspect they mostly use electric or gas to cook the 'que. I did see two full ricks of oak in the back, but smelled no wood smoke. [added later: We took home some brisket. It had a nice smoky flavor and was tender, but a bit dry.]

In the afternoon, I was able to finish trim mowing with my push mower. Tomorrow, I start the real mowing. That's after I spend the cool of the morning working on my row of blueberry bushes.

Yesterday, we settled a long-standing issue. We have a two-story house, rocked downstairs and faux board-and-bat wood upstairs. The wood has deteriorated over the past twenty years and needs some boards replaced. The whole upstairs exterior needs re-caulked and re-painted. We've decided to cover it instead with sheet iron or vinyl-siding while staying with the same color, creme. The sheet iron would retain the vertical board-and-bat old-fashioned country look whereas the plastic siding would create a horizontal, more modern, look. That's the heart of the issue: vertical or horizontal. There is no cost advantage, one over the other. Both choices would cost nearly double what it would take to repair and paint. Both choices would relieve me of worry about water leaks and of maintenance painting for a really long time. I'm getting to where I'm reluctant to use a 30-foot ladder. I claim it makes my nose bleed.

Yesterday we saw the person who will do the work. We've settled the issue. We've decided to plasticize the house.

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