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Good News

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Received this today from my favorite niece:

After 5 1/2 weeks, Lizzie and Gracie came home today! They were born at 4lbs 10 oz and 3lbs 4 oz and left the hospital today at 6lbs 9oz and 5lbs 4oz. We are very lucky that both girls got to come home at the same time which we were told is rare. Wes and I are very excited to have them home, but are ready for lots of sleepless nights! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers during their stay in the NICU.

The pregnancy was difficult and the girls were born very early. A very stressful time for all.

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On July 22nd, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC), frumiousb commented:
Twins are tough-- lots of problems with pree and other baddies. Glad that everyone is okay!
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