7ony (7ony) wrote,

Phone Call

My sister-in-law Teresa starts her day early. She goes to bed early, too. To avoid being disturbed during her sleep, she turns off both her house phone and her cellphone. Someone left a chilling message on her cell during the night. Neither the phone number or the male voice was familiar. The caller sounded a bit drunk and the words rushed and indistinct. A man is dead, pick up the phone! Next morning, after listening to the message several times, she called the number, but no one answered.

Several hours later, Teresa was in town. The words of the message and the possible implications preyed on her mind, so she stopped by the police station to see what they thought. They agreed with her, garbled or not, the saved message was A man is dead, pick up the phone! The police said they would investigate.

Yesterday afternoon, my sister-in-law received a call. The man was very apologetic and said he'd mis-dialed earlier while trying to call his daughter. He asked to hear the message he'd left and agreed it sounded like A man is dead, pick up the phone! Continuing, he said he'd been to the dentist that day and was a bit tongue-tied due to the shots of novocaine. He dialed the phone to talk to his daughter who never answers until she knows for sure who is calling.

Amanda, it's Dad. Pick up the phone!

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