7ony (7ony) wrote,


More rain. We've had a lot of rain this year, Over 50 inches so far. I want to say about double normal, but we got over 50 inches last year, too.

My brother from Kansas, his wife, and his stepson are visiting us this weekend. His wife and mine have an over-fondness for estate auctions. We went to one that lasted most of yesterday. I didn't see many bargains, although out of boredom I bought lo5an a sixty-year old portable Remington typewriter. He will likely use it as a boat anchor one day. Unfortunately, hecksangie found a number of 'great' buys. I had to return home for the pickup in order to haul them home. She was high bidder on an old steamer trunk. You know, the kind and size used to ship a dead body somewhere ...hmm.

Al Gore should be happy. I replaced two exterior doors with energy-efficient double-paned ones this week. The workers putting vinyl-siding on our house have added 3/4 inch sheets of foam insulation to the outside walls. Supposedly, the foam sheets will cushion the vinyl and make it more durable. We now have a ridiculous amount of insulation in the walls: 5.5 inches of fiber-glass, 1.25 inches of foam and one thermal reflective surface. I say ridiculous because most of our heat loss/gain is through the large number of windows we have.

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