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Web Links and Some Before and After Pictures

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A good page for satellite weather images can be found here. I followed the links on that page to this. It looks like Oklahoma is getting/going to get it from both directions. I guess we can expect more rain. They were here yesterday to overhaul the guttering on our house and add new to the upper story. Let it rain.

Speaking of web pages, anyone who has participated in writer critique groups and, like me, has often received the admonition "show, don't tell" might want to read this. I found it interesting.

So we've been plasticized and gutterized now. The house looks different as I predicted, and more yellow, since we changed colors from almond to cream.
img_4881 img_4880

img_4895 img_4896
after, before gutters on upper story

I thought everyone would appreciate seeing pictures of my sister-in-law's high tech satellite dish adjuster. Pat. Pend.
img_4825 img_4827img_4828
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