7ony (7ony) wrote,

Stormy Weather

I finished trimming the doorway by noon. One more item I can mark off the list that just keeps getting longer. Next item is either the west-wing vanity or the closet in the new pantry, probably a bit of both. The rest of the day was spent doing various chores, trash, picking up the mail, etc.

About 5pm we left with Jim and Pam in her shiny new black extended-cab Ford pickup truck for an evening in Tulseytown. We have a couple of those 2 for 1 restaurant books, so the drill is usually: try a new eating place and go to a movie afterward. Tonight we went to the Fountains restaurant and found it a pricey place with less than inspiring food and totally lacking in ambiance despite seating at a greenhouse table with a nice view of the fountain in the duck pond outside. Music, a little too loud, was coming from a private party in the next room and also from the electric organ in the bar, set on automatic play. We heard a cheerful mix of waltz and jazz.

While we were waiting the long interval for the food, a storm suddenly brewed up outside. As we found out later, the strong wind of the storm downed two trees in the area, one smashing a truck driving by, and the other smashing a house and setting it on fire. We calmy noted the passage of the firetruck as we not so patiently awaited our broiled red meat while watching the wind disintegrate a ragged OK state flag flying above a building across the street, . I think the flag was the highpoint of the night. It was either that, or watching the half-dozen Canadian geese milling around outside.

It was too late to go to the movie by the time we left the restaurant, so we started home. The worst of the storm had passed by then; there was no rain, just a light sprinkle. At my request, Pam stopped at a discount liquor store in the area where I bought a 6 liter box of cheap white Zinfandel. It's cooling in the frig right now.

Just outside Coweta we passed a high-line pole that had broken in the wind, causing power outages to half the town, There were also signs of rain, and by then we were somewhat anxious about our home since we'd left windows open in our sunroom. We learned by a couple of calls to relatives that it had rained at home, maybe as much as three inches, coming down in wind-driven sheets.

At home we saw puddles of water for the first time in two months. There were also puddles in the sunroom, but fortunately not too many, and nothing was damaged.

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