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Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway

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I've finished reading a nice book of short stories. The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway, the Finca Vigia Edition. I enjoyed reading all seventy stories. They seemed real as if drawn from his life and many probably were. Some were tales from a childhood in Michigan, some from Africa, many from Spain. Many about wartime. My three favorites were: Fathers and Sons, a man driving through open country silently reminiscing about his youth and his father while having a dialog with his young son, Black Ass At the Crossroads, a taut war story about soldiers manning an ambush, and The Strange Country, a fragile, tender affair between a man and the adult daughter of his ex-wife. Roughly a third of the stories were written in first person. I'd read and enjoyed several of EH's novels, but can't recall ever reading his short stories before.
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