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A Nice Slow Day

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It rained off and on through the night. Brother-in-law Tony said we'd received four inches of rain so far. Now we're behind only five inches for the year. It was overcast all day and we had sprinkles and light rain during the day.

Kathy's Mother and sister were here for lunch. They'd just returned from a trip to Bentonvill,AR. Tony, Candy, and CB ate with us too. Kathy cooked an exceptional Sunday lunch: meatloaf, fried okra, sliced vine-ripe tomatoes, hash-brown potato cassrole, green beans, and corn. Dessert was angel food cake with pineapple pudding and CoolWhip. Two-year-old CB provided us with plenty of entertainment.

Lightning in the storm last night took out two surge suppressors and one dsl/phone filter. Fortunately the suppressors worked, I've found no damage to the electronics so far. After lunch, I went to Best Buy and Lowes to get replacements.
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