7ony (7ony) wrote,

The Mudflats

Recently, I ran across an interesting and humorous blog on US and Alaskan politics, mainly the vice presidential kind. I thought I'd share the URL: http://www.themudflats.net/ they just moved here from their old location which is http://mudflats.wordpress.com/

Here's a bit of humor from a recent post on that blog.

"The McCain campaign, just like Dorothy and her friends in The Wizard of Oz, has now realized that the giant, intimidating glowing head they believed to be “The Great and Powerful Palin”, is actually the little pudgy man standing behind the curtain, pulling all those levers. Hey….that guy kind of looks like Karl Rove!"

I've been surfing, looking for information on Palin...

I like the name of the blog. After spending time in Alaska either slipping on ice or slogging in mud, I opined that if they squeezed the water out of the state, it would be smaller than Delaware..

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