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The countdown has started for this year's mega-block party. It's tomorrow night. This will be the fifth year we've done this and believe it or not the fifth year we've had nice weather. Every year we say never again, but each year we change our minds. We, as in Kathy's brothers and sister, Kathy, me, and some other in-laws. So tomorrow night we'll have 250-350 of our neighbors, friends, and family over for dinner, music, and fun. Because of next month's elections, we'll have plenty of local politicians circulating.

There should be plenty of heart-attack-on-a-plate food, Here's what we have planned.

50 # of pork butt, I'll smoke and pull
30 # of chicken, split breasts, I'll smoke
84 # of brisket, smoked by Ed
60 # of pork loin, smoked by Ed
40 # of baloney, smoked by Ed
?? # of hot links, grilled by Ed

80 # fried potatoes, need volunteers here!
10 # brown beans, Kathy's mother cooks
4 gallons of cole slaw, we buy this locally
4 gallons of macaroni salad, Kathy makes
4 9x13 pans of baked beans, Kathy's mother makes

6 9x13 pans of Jalapeno cornbread, Kathy makes
2 9x13 pans of plain cornbread, Kathy makes
100 hamburger buns
6 loaves of white bread
3 gallons of kosher dill pickles
1 gallon of Jalapeno peppers
4 gallons of BBQ sauce, Head Country, of course, 2 homemade
5 # sliced onions

1 9x13 blackberry pie-crust cobbler, Kathy's mother
2 9x13 peach pie-crust cobblers, Kathy's mother
3 9x13 apricot pie-crust cobblers, Kathy
6 pecan pies, Kathy
2 chocolate sheet cakes, Kathy
Miscellaneous other donated desserts
5 gallons of vanilla ice cream

30 gallons iced tea, more if needed
10 gallon of sugar-free lemonade

We'll probably be eating leftovers all next month. Trouble is, we never know how many will be here.

Kathy's making apricot cobblers this morning, rolling the crusts right now, and she tells me I need to get busy.

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