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The economic crisis must be over. We received a Capital One credit card solicitation today. There was only one, and it was small and plain.

I wrote my US representatives yesterday. I told them that pumping money into the equity companies is like pushing a wet noodle. Giving rebates to tax payers is just as bad. The best way to jump start the economy is to work the other end by allowing a $15k tax credit for existing new houses and for sub-prime folks who want to re-mortgage. Have Fannie and Freddie write 90 percent mortgages at 4%. Generate good loans and the equity companies will come begging. It worked in 1975; it'll work now.

I saw a sun dog the other day. I don't recall ever seeing one at this latitude until now. I'd just returned home, rushed inside for my camera and took these pictures.
img_4992.jpg img_4997.jpg

Kathy and I visited Har-Ber Village last week. The weather was great and the Village was a great place to see old things. On the way I took some train pictures. The old caboose is what attracted my attention. Remember, you can see other pictures in the set by clicking on the picture.
img_5036.jpg img_5033.jpg

This is the time of the year when I brag about my house design. Downstairs, in the center of the house is a sand-filled rock wall 9 feet long and two feet wide. It's an energy flywheel that stabilizes the temperature in the house. During cold, but sunny days, we circulate the heat collected in the sun room through the downstairs. The rock wall stores this heat and radiates it during the night. Right now, 2:30pm, the temperature outside is 54 degrees F., the sun room is 80 degrees, and inside the house, it's 74 degrees. Despite nearly freezing nighttime temperatures outside, the house has stayed above 68 degrees. We'll put off turning on our heater for awhile.

We expect our first freeze tonight. Kathy has picked all her tomatoes, including the green ones. She had fried green tomatoes today at lunch. I passed. They have a sharp taste I don't care for.

I close with pictures of the last rose and the last fire.
img_5007.jpg img_5017.jpg

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