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weather and food

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Tonight we have tornadoes and hail in the central part of the state with the storms blowing toward us. Hopefully, they will miss. That's quite a change from the past several days. After a couple of nights of freezing weather, it warmed to give us three days of clear, fantastic summer weather. The first two evenings were exceptional: faultless cerulean skies, a slivered new moon with bright Jupiter nearby, and Venus quickly setting in the western sky.

Mornings, I write, afternoons, I work on porch rails for the back porch. These are needed to safely enclose the pool area and selectively exclude, or include, dogs.
img_5071 img_5070

This is Kathy's birthday week and, for one of her presents, I'm cooking. Only the noon meal and for only a week. Breakfasts are either toast or oatmeal and dinner is a snack. These we fix ourselves.

Here is my menu:
Monday -- errands to run, eat in a local restaurant
Tuesday -- smoked pork sandwich, fried potatoes.
Wednesday -- tacos - lettuce, tomatoes, pork, and squash nachos
Thursday -- she eats out with friends, I eat leftovers
Friday -- chicken stir fry and brown rice
Saturday -- hamburgers, fresh tomatoes, tatertots, green salad (may be a dinner meal, guests)
Sunday -- open-faced hot beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans (guests)

Kathy has only complained a little bit so far. A picture of today's meal, tacos (in my case a taco salad) and squash nachos.
img_5073 img_5074

The tomatoes are fresh, homegrown, and salvaged from our garden just before the freeze. Squash nachos are our own invention: thinly sliced yellow squash covered with Pace picante sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese, and slipped into the broiler for awhile.
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