7ony (7ony) wrote,

Takin' It Easy

The drought appears to be over; we're rapidly catching up on back-ordered rain. I've been taking it easy the past few days, reading and playing with my compuers.

What I really wanted to do is upgrade my laptop to Fedora Core 4, but first I needed back up my files and to test the new software. Since I was jumping several levels (from Fedora Core 2), I wanted to make sure the new program versions were compatible with my old data and image files. Some of my files are over ten years old and represent work that would take me years to recover, if at all. I wanted to move my address book and mail folders to a new email program. I also had some DSL/local network issues to work out. First, I upgraded my two older computers, got them working with both the Internet and my local network, then I backed up the files on my laptop to both machines for redundancy. Next, I moved my email to the new program on one of the old machines. Everything seems to work, so next week I'll take the plunge and upgrade my laptop. I really like Fedora Core 4, by the way, It's a great Linux OS and window system.

Kendrick came by for a visit Saturday evening. Kathy and I had a good time catching up with his life and things in general. He left at 12:30. I stayed up for another hour to finish a book I'd started earlier. It was a rather disturbing mystery called The Surgeon. The title aptly describes the serial-killer villian, and the book was written by real-life medical doctor who wrote some exceptionally gory details. It's not my kind of book, Kathy borrowed it from next door, and I probably wouldn't have started it, but it was storming, the electricity was off, and I was bored. By the time the power came back on, I was hooked. I'd already finished another mystery that (Saturday) morning; one that I'd started the night before. This one, from my bag of old books, was titled The Ft. Larned Incident. The well-written tale was set in a Kiowa Indian camp during the late 1800s.

Today, we went next door to eat a late lunch with Kathy's family. My in-laws made Green Parrot-style hot beef sandwiches. I made some red pepper, onion, and garlic pasta to take over, and Kathy made some exceptional banana pudding. It was a great meal.

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