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Republicans these days are whining about Obama's stimulus package and the recent omnibus bill. Both passed easily through the House due to the Democratic majority and squeaked through the Senate with the bare minimum of Republican votes. The Republicans complained loudly about all the excess spending the Democrats rammed through over their objections, but according to a Wall Street Journal article, many Republicans are taking credit for funding projects in their state . I suspect that despite all the public whining and all the no votes, the Republican Senators as a group made sure that there were enough votes to allow passage of the legislation.

And what about the governors? Some of them are whining too. South Carolina's Republican governor has been very vocal in his objections to the Stimulus, saying it's wasteful, and he's even talking about refusing part of it. That's laughable considering the state already gets more money from the US government than it pays in. All this while the state suffers from a huge budget deficit and a pitiful public school system.

Despite voting no to the Omnibus bill and complaining again about the wasteful government spending, the Republicans congresspersons made sure they appended their favorite earmarks. Oh wait, I thought they were against earmarks! My mistake.

I got the following from a Tulsa World newspaper web page. Despite all his whining, looks like Senator Jim Inhofe is a major earmarker. My Republican senator, Tom Coburn, had none, doesn't belive in them. He's a good one; I wish he'd run for president.

A few quotes from the article:
...The group Taxpayers for Common Sense says the bill includes 8,570 earmarked projects for lawmakers' home districts at a cost of $7.7 billion...
... Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., got more than $58 million in home-state projects, either in requests he made alone or in collaboration with other lawmakers...
...Republican Sen.Tom Coburn is opposed to earmarks. He didn't request any...
...Inhofe, who also voted against the $787 billion stimulus bill, said "spending in Washington is out of control."...

Oklahoma earmarks

Sen. Jim Inhofe, Republican

  • $5.4 million for McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River navigation system (with Rep. Dan Boren)
  • $9.5 million for Fort Gibson Lake operations and maintenance
  • $475,000 for Interstate 40 and Hudiburg Drive beautification (with Rep. Tom Cole)
  • $95,000 for a traffic light at Piedmont Road and Edmond Road
  • $190,000 for the Woodward Industrial Foundation to build a “multipurpose facility” (with Rep. Frank Lucas)

Rep. Dan Boren, Democrat

  • $2.1 million for biofuels production systems research at Agriculture Department research center in Lane
  • $175,000 for minority business development through Rural Enterprises Inc.
  • $238,000 for Pushmataha County hospital
  • $332,500 for an elevated railroad track in Claremore
  • $1.8 million for Oologah Lake operation and maintenance (with Inhofe)

Rep. Tom Cole, Republican

  • $6.1 million for Denison Dam at Lake Texoma (with Inhofe)
  • $381,000 for electronic records initiative at Norman Regional Health System
  • $190,000 for Ada Public Works for a water tower (with Inhofe)
  • $285,000 for Mid-America Christian University for teacher training and other needs
  • $714,000 for University of Oklahoma for biofuels and refining engineering

Rep. Mary Fallin, Republican

  • $285,000 for Native American Cultural and Educational Authority (with Cole)
  • $333,000 for Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (with Inhofe)
  • $712,500 for Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority for automated vehicle location system
  • $300,000 for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Mobile Analysis Center (with Boren and Inhofe)
  • $200,000 for Oklahoma Department of Safety for communications system (with Cole and Inhofe)

Rep. Frank Lucas, Republican

  • $274,000 for Oklahoma State University research on animal waste management in semi-arid agro-ecosystems (with Boren and Inhofe)
  • $500,000 for Beckham County Sheriff’s Office
  • $190,000 for nursing programs at Western Oklahoma State University
  • $427,500 for work on Falcon Road in Altus (with Inhofe)
  • $2.2 million for Red River Basin chloride control (with Inhofe)

Rep. John Sullivan, Republican

  • $712,500 for Tulsa Transit
  • $285,000 for Tulsa Public Schools for technology and equipment (with Inhofe)
  • $570,000 for Interstate 44 bridge over 163rd Street
  • $618,000 for Oklahoma State University Health Sciences Center for equipment (with Boren, Fallin, Lucas and Inhofe)
  • $713,625 for National Energy Policy Institute at the University of Tulsa (with Inhofe) 


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