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22. That's how many consecutive days of rain we've had. Not continuous, of course, but occurring sometime during the day. It reminded me of when I lived in Houston. According to our local tv weatherman, 22 is a state record. Fortunately, we've moved on and now the sun is shining more than not. I've been busy mowing. Also fortunately, our tomatoes survived the wet.

Oklahoma has also had an unusual number of tornadoes this year. Last week we twice participated in that Oklahoma pastime of watching the storm fronts on tv as they roar across the state. Both times, the storm bypassed us to wreak havoc in Arkansas and Missouri. I guess we're living right.

Last Friday we took advantage of a day of sunshine and visited two state parks: Natural Falls SP and Spavinaw SP.

Picture 008 Picture 016

Picture 030 Picture 049

We had so much fun that we returned to Spavinaw the next day with Kathy's Mother, sister, and the kid. Although the day was overcast and not as warm as Friday, we had fun playing in the water.
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